Monday, June 13, 2011

House task #345

Currently, my husband is slaving away to repaint our faded home. Oh the list we have...
The first paint job on our bungalow happened several years ago, but we had a few fiascoes along the way. Why does every single project come with a headache? Probably b/c we try to do everything ourselves? Yeah, maybe. I believe we started to scrape our house the spring after we bought it. I cannot remember, but each project has a story. My parents were helping us scrape or paint one weekend. We worked all day in the sun and it started to rain. Again!? I think we set ourselves up for a disaster when my parents are in town. Storm blew in, it started to hail. Oh great! Golf ball size! Nothing to do but watch ice destroy our vehicles.

Though, maybe some good comes out of bad. Insurance check! Painting was almost done, but another task came up. You see, we always have more than one project going. Hail damange...time for new roof. Instead of hiring someone like the rest of the ENTIRE city, Klint tackled it with the help of friends and family. What would we do without our Southern Indiana roots and German genes right? During this project we figured out that my dad might be the bad luck charm...(there are more stories)

He helped Klint tear off the old shingles. Not an easy job. They worked hard and tarped the roof.  By evening, my dad left and the other crew arrived, i.e. Klint's family. While resting up for another working day, we heard Klint's brother shouting; water was dripping on his head. We knew it! Monsoon rain=leaky roof. Crap, can we ever get a break? Not only did we have to finish painting the house, redo the roof, get our vehicles fixed, fiasco in itself... now we addded 'repair ceilings' to our list. Perfect.

Well, the little house turned out pretty cute after a lot of work, $, family, friends, $, disaster, landscape, more landscape, disaster, paint, roof, $$, more paint.... Thx husband, for all that you do and all that I make you do. You know you are a control freak too. ;)

ignore the weeded grass and gnarly looking bush...we can't get everything done, ok? 

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Stephanie said...

It looks great!! Love the colour and the plants look good...jungle chic is what it is called and all the coolest gardens from Indianapolis to Italy are doing it ; )
Ah, and do not feel like you're alone in the "I can easily do that myself" category...we are guilty guilty guilty as charged. xoxo