Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Paint It Black"

I love the color black. When we first moved into our home my solution for old fixtures and details here and there: black paint!  Yes, more house conversation. One of our big DIY projects was scraping and painting the outside of our bungalow. Oh yes, there was a disaster at one point, will share later; and NO, I didn't paint the house black. Before the big exterior project started I got a small indoor/outdoor can of black paint and went nuts! I wish I would have taken more pics of before and afters; I used to be one of those annoying people snapping shots in and out of conversation at parties. Oh well, dug up what I had so excuse the crappy unprofessional shots.

First thing I did was paint our railings by our front steps. Our house was white with a green trim and the rails were white. See below. Also, see gold numbers with brass mailbox and white light fixture... ick. Solution = black! I started to paint all unwanted brass and white surfaces black. Interior included. Old fixtures, ceiling fans, kitchen hardware etc. More appeal w/o breaking the bank and a quick temporary fix until I was able to purchase new fixtures and such. You see, I'm very impatient. Grab a steel wool pad, rough up the surface and remove dirt. This technique will allow paint to adhere better. Wipe down, paint away!

You can see in pics. A little goes a long way. White house, green trim, cheap accessories now black. I was ready to buy more black paint for the door and shudders, but we were planning on painting the house the following spring so luckily they missed out on my Michelangelo frenzy.




Now when I look at our home I cannot believe how much we have done ourselves inside and out. I'll give you a sneak peak of outside, but we have a lot of mulching, trimming, pruning and touching up paint on our infamous "to do" list this summer.

Summer 2004

Spring 2011

Happy painting.


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